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Trademarks & Licensing

UNM's marks and the reputation they represent are important assets to the University. It is important to protect and promote these marks through trademark licensing programs. The names, initials, logos, and graphics associated with The University of New Mexico are all trademarks belonging to UNM. By law, these trademarks cannot be used commercially without the Licensing Director's permission. Violation of this law is a misdemeanor.

Here is a list of marks that are federally registered on behalf of The University of New Mexico.


The widespread use of the UNM mark on letterhead, signs, brochures, and products broadens and enhances the image of our school. It also serves as a subtle form of advertising. People wearing T-shirts supporting UNM programs advertise the school—they are like walking billboards. To protect UNM's good name and prestige, its trademarks must be used properly.


UNM licenses the use of its marks to specific manufacturers, thereby controlling who uses them and for what purpose. Through licensing agreements, UNM ensures that only approved representations of UNM's marks appear before the public. Maintaining a consistent, recognizable image on quality products reinforces UNM's image of excellence, thereby adding value not only to retail products but to all services and products of the University.

For assistance or referral, please contact:
Ethan Rule
University Marketing Director
UNM’s Trademarks & Licensing Administrator

To inquire about becoming a licensed vendor, visit the CLC licensing website.

Payton Adams
Partnership Services
CLC Licensing

Licensed Promotional Item Vendors

Several local and national companies are licensed to print promotional giveaway items for University departments. 

New Mexico Vendors

National/International Vendors

See the full list of licensed vendors.

Licensed Item Restrictions

Certain products have been restricted and may only be produced by one or a few vendors because of University procurement contracts. Here are some of the licensed and unlicensed items that must be ordered through specific vendors.

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