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Health Sciences Visual Identity


The University of New Mexico has been steadily rolling out the logo since it was officially approved in summer of 2017. By January 2018, UNM Health Sciences leadership had approved a new Health Sciences block logo and UNM Hospitals and clinical units logos. The approved design consists of the UNM monogram logo and individual department names.

A clear, concise visual image is the basis of our academic and health-related communication and marketing efforts. UNM’s refreshed visual identity is an interlocking logotype that evolved from a long-standing Lobo favorite.

The UNM Health Sciences, UNM Hospital and clinics, UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center and UNM Medical Group will be moving forward with the new logo. It is essential for health literacy, patient education and health-related research and academic communications to follow the University’s visual identity to further strengthen our University family.

The primary UNM monogram logo is a standalone mark that represents the entire institution. Secondary to the monogram is a UNM Health Sciences block logo that can be used on social media, websites, print collateral and posters to represent the Health Sciences enterprise. 

UNM Monogram Logo
UNM Health Sciences Block Logo (horizontal)
UNM Health Sciences Block Logo (vertical)
unm monogram logo
unm health sciences horizontal logo
unm health sciences vertical logo

Each primary academic, research and clinical unit within the Health Sciences also has a logo. Examples of Health Sciences unit logos are shown below.

UNM Children's Hospital horizontal logo
UNM Children's Hospital vertical logo
UNM School of Medicine Department of family and community medicine horizontal logo
UNM School of Medicine Department of family and community medicine vertical logo

Collateral materials may use the Health Sciences block logo, an individual unit logo or a combination of the two.

trifold sample with health sciences and unit logo

Brand Design

The key to building a successful brand is proper use of key elements: logo placement, color, graphic elements, typography, copy and brand messaging. It is essential that all materials distributed by the UNM Health Sciences maintain a high-quality appearance and embody the brand voice and style. The institutional brand highlights our strong sense of history while also embracing our future. The bold shadows and textures are based on the unique campus architecture, stucco and the strong colors of the southwest.

The UNM Health Sciences uses both turquoise and cherry as primary colors. By using the 80/20 rule (80% of the color can be turquoise and 20% can be cherry), departments can continue to use turquoise as its main color while supplementing it with cherry. The brand consists of Vitesse or Gotham typefaces, striking photos and correct logo usage.

Health Sciences stationery (business cards,letterhead and envelopes) has also been updated to reflect the institutional brand. 

Brand design workshops, necessary to receive brand fonts Vitesse and Gotham, and logo usage presentations are listed online.

For specific Health Sciences logo or branding questions, contact Sara Mota through the UNM brand ticketing system.

Health Sciences Unit Logos

The Health Sciences logo roll out includes 4 additional waves. Details of waves 1, 2, 3 and 4 are below.

Wave 1

Delivered January 2018.

College of NursingMarlena Bermel
College of PharmacyBridgette Wagner-Jones
College of Population HealthDeanna Wall
Health Sciences Library & Informatics CenterSally Bowler-Hill
School of MedicineAmanda Bassett


Wave 2

Delivered February 2018.

Children's HospitalSara Mota
Comprehensive Cancer CenterRobin Johnston
Health Sciences / Office of the ChancellorCarlotta Abeyta
Health SystemLynn Lessard
HospitalMissy LaBate
Medical Group, Inc.Carly Newlands
Sandoval Regional Medical CenterAbigayl Hull

Wave 3

Delivered March 2018.

Cardiology ClinicCarly Newlands
Carrie Tingley HospitalVeronica Zarrazola
Center for Development & DisabilityDaniel Wenz
Center for LifeCarly Newlands
Center for Life / Preventive & Integrative Medicine Specialty ClinicCarly Newlands
Center for Reproductive HealthCarly Newlands
Center for Spine and Musculoskeletal HealthCarly Newlands
Children's Psychiatric CenterSara Mota
Dental ServicesCarly Newlands
Family Health ClinicSara Mota
Family Medicine ClinicSara Mota
Health Sciences / Academic AffairsCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Budget OfficeCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Center for Memory & AgingSara Mota
Health Sciences / Chief Information OfficeCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Clinical & Translational Science CenterTamaya Toulouse
Health Sciences / Communications & MarketingSara Mota
Health Sciences / Compliance OfficeCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Contract & Grant AccountingCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Finance AdministrationCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Office for Community HealthCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Office for Diversity, Equity & InclusionCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Office of ProfessionalismSara Mota
Health Sciences / Office of ResearchTamaya Toulouse
Health Sciences / Office of University CounselSara Mota
Health Sciences / Policy OfficeCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Privacy OfficeCourtney Johnston
Health Sciences / Sponsored Projects OfficeCourtney Johnston
Locum Tenens Extension ServicesCarly Newlands
Senior Health ClinicSara Mota
Truman Health ServicesCarly Newlands

Wave 4

Includes remaining clinical units.

Logos are currently being built. Thank you for your patience.

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