Marketing and Promotional Material Review Form

If you're designing or creating something that will represent your school, college or department, as well as the University, let us help.

The questions below will help marketers and communicators fully develop promotional material. Whether you are preparing a brochure, billboard, ad, t-shirt or other marketing collateral, please take the time to determine the goals and objectives of each piece. Think of this as a blueprint.

After you have submitted the information below, a UCAM marketing representative will provide feedback or other considerations. After you have finished the marketing collateral, UCAM will review the work to ensure brand consistency.

The turn around time for each collateral submission varies depending on staffing and the length or scope of each piece. Please plan accordingly.

**Please note: UCAM does not provide proofreading services. It is up to the collateral piece creator to proofread all content. UCAM is not responsible for errors found after production.

Not all marketing materials need to be approved by University Communication and Marketing. You should submit your materials here if they use UNM Brand Style components, including brand-specific fonts (Vitesse or Gotham), photos, textures or shadow elements, OR meet any of the of the criteria below.

1. The materials will be professionally printed or used as a paid advertisement

2. The materials have a shelf life of longer than two (2) weeks

3. The piece will reach an external (non-UNM student, staff or faculty) audience, such as the Albuquerque Metro area market or campus visitors

Most collateral review submissions can expect a response within 2 business days.

Multiple page documents may take up to 5 business days.