Creative Resources

While most of our templates and design resources require you to sign in to our brand asset library to download, here you’ll find some creative resources readily available to everyone. All of the resources below are available for you to download.

This list of resources will be updated to include new creative assets as they become available.

Click here for a full list of current templates and resources available for request.

Zoom Backgrounds

Download UNM branded zoom backgrounds to showcase your Lobo spirit in your virtual meetings.

Campus Backgrounds

zoombackground_lobostatue.jpg zoombackground_mesavista.jpg zoombackground_arbor.png 

Graphic Backgrounds

zoombackground_woodwall.jpg zoombackground_flowers.jpg zoombackground_cherrywall.png 

Vax The Pack Backgrounds

vaxthepack_bandaids.jpg vaxthepack_cherryturquoise.jpg vaxthepack_statue.jpg

WE R1 Backgrounds

wer1_zoom_background_a.jpg wer1_zoom_background_b.jpg wer1_zoom_background_c.jpg wer1_zoom_background_d.jpg