Creative Resources

While most of our templates and design resources require you to sign in to our brand asset library to download, here you’ll find some creative resources readily available to everyone. All of the resources below are available for you to download.

This list of resources will be updated to include new creative assets as they become available.

Click here for a full list of current templates and resources available for request.

UCAM Free Studio Portrait Sessions

Every semester, UCAM offers UNM faculty and staff the opportunity to sign up for a free portrait session at our office in the University Advisement & Enrichment Center. There are typically 24 slots available each session and are distributed through a sign up form released in advance of the portrait shoot. Portraits are available on a first come-first served basis. Portraits are delivered 2-4 weeks after the shoot.

Below are the dates of the upcoming sessions:

If you would like to request an indoor, outdoor or studio portrait session for your office through UCAM Creative Services, click here.


Zoom Backgrounds

Download UNM branded zoom backgrounds to showcase your Lobo spirit in your virtual meetings.

Campus Backgrounds

zoombackground_lobostatue.jpg zoombackground_mesavista.jpg zoombackground_arbor.png 

Graphic Backgrounds

zoombackground_woodwall.jpg zoombackground_flowers.jpg zoombackground_cherrywall.png 

WE R1 Backgrounds

wer1_zoom_background_a.jpg wer1_zoom_background_b.jpg wer1_zoom_background_c.jpg wer1_zoom_background_d.jpg



UNM Brand Color Contrast Check

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are a series of guidelines designed to increase accessibility of web-based content.

 Part of these guidelines are specifications of color contrast designed to be sure that color combinations are meeting ADA compliance for legibility.

 Below is a chart of UNM RGB, HEX Brand Palette colors with combinations specified as:

  • AAA Pass (highest level of accessibility)
  • AA Pass (standard level of accessibility)
  • AA18 Pass (only large text sizes will pass)
  • DNP (Does Not Pass, Fail)

Though print guidelines for ADA accessibility vary by paper type, printer and other variables, the guide below can be used to detect possible issues in contrast compliance. We always recommend receiving printed proofs of any printed material to check for these color contrast concerns and to be sure your color is appearing correctly.

Color Contrast Chart