Brand Training

Online Brand Camp & Logo Presentation

University Communication & Marketing (UCAM) offers brand design and logo training to UNM students, staff and faculty. These online workshops below are available on-demand and can be taken at your own convenience.

UNM Brand Camp

The UNM Brand Camp will provide an overview of design elements including fonts, colors, textures, shadows and basic design principles. NOTE: This workshop is required in order to receive the official UNM brand style fonts, Gotham and Vitesse.


UNM Logo Presentation

The UNM Logo Presentation will cover the proper use of the new UNM logo, recommendations on how to use unit logos, and trademarks and licensing basics. NOTE: This training is required in order to receive access to the official UNM Logos.


Email with any questions or concerns.

If you are not UNM staff, faculty, or a student but wish to attend a brand training, please email

Brand Lab Hours

UCAM's Marketing team is now offering online brand lab sessions every month. These lab sessions are open for anyone to attend and ask questions or get hands-on help with implementing UNM's branding initiatives.

If you have any questions please reach out to your UCAM Marketing Representative or submit a ticket through UCAM's Marketing Support Portal. 

UNM Brand Lab Sessions
ThursdayJune 2011am - 11:50amVia Zoom, UNM NetID Required
ThursdayJuly 1911am - 11:50amVia Zoom, UNM NetID Required
ThursdayAugust 1611am - 11:50amVia Zoom, UNM NetID Required