Body Copy

This is where we can really let our brand voice sing. Where we can adjust the tone and style to speak to very specific audiences, take deep dives into great content, and tell stories. However, this is also where we are likely to lose someone, too, unless we’re vigilant about 1) getting to the point, and 2) bringing our tone words to life. Remember: soulful, creative, genuine, warm, forward-thinking, and steadfast. And don't employ just one or two of those tones (especially in longer body copy); bring in many or all of them to some degree.

Also, try to create an ebb and flow in the copy. Peaks and valleys. How you use these tone characteristics will likely vary greatly from piece to piece. Think of them each as a gas pedal. Increase or decrease values depending on the context or the audience you’re trying to reach.


Example: This is an example of how the brand voice can flex to be bold and declarative on behalf of the entire university. By employing a steadfast, creative, and forward-thinking tone.

We are a community of unique perspectives embracing our differences. But we’re more than just a contrast of cultures—this is a culture of contrast. Thousands of views in thousands of hues. Unafraid to let our colors run and blend and let the things that divide us become the things that unite us. So we can work together to create, collect and spread knowledge about everything—everywhere. Throughout the state. The country. The world. We are The University of New Mexico—New Mexico’s flagship university. We are individuals, together. Sharing our strengths. Living, learning and becoming stronger, as a pack. As Lobos.

Example: This is an example of how the brand voice can flex to be hard-working and descriptive for a school, college or an academic program. In this case perhaps, by being genuine, creative, and steadfast.

It takes a special kind of person to want to become an engineer—someone the world turns to to solve all of its increasingly complex problems. Its infrastructure, computing, and communications puzzles. Its water and environmental conundrums. Its desperate need for thinner, faster, smaller, stronger, and more sustainable everything. Are you up for the challenge? Because we have more than 100 razor-sharp faculty we’d like you to meet if you are. And some hands-on, world-changing, sometimes top-secret research we’d like you to do.

The goal is to create content that speaks with the same voice. It should look like it all comes from the same place. This. This gets in your head. Makes you want to read on. This is good. Do this.

NOTE: Please refer to the current viewbook for some excellent examples of brand body copy. Or contact Ethan Rule at UCAM for any additional recent examples.