Color Overlays

This section explains another one of the more universal graphic moves you can use to bring our brand to life: The Color Overlay. This system utilizes the primary and secondary colors in our palette to add a rich layer of color to our communications.

This treatment is useful for many reasons. In addition to being a convenient way to activate our brand messaging with our brand colors, photography and artwork affected by a brand color overlay become a vibrant bed for copy to rest on or reverse out of.


Color overlays should only be applied to black and white images. Color overlays on top of color photographs create unintended distorted color values. Color photographs should be converted to black and white photos using any photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The contrast of the black and white photo might need to be adjusted to enhance the impact of the color overlay.

color overlay example

Instructions on how to create color overlays can be found in the downloadable UNM Brand Style Guide.