The University of New Mexico uses two unique fonts in its branded communications: Vitesse and Gotham, in various weights.

Vitesse is a bold slab-serif that can be used to grab attention, while Gotham is a modern sans-serif that communicates confidence and friendliness through its simplicity.

By utilizing combinations of these two fonts, we’re able to create communications that are both bold and distinct, yet consistent and tied to the UNM brand.

Common Font

When Gotham or Vitesse is not available, Arial is the chosen "common font." It's available to everyone, ADA compliant, and aesthetically complementary to the brand fonts.

Web Fonts

Gotham and Vitesse have been implemented into the UNM web content management system, Cascade Server. Certain web templates have been updated to include the new fonts. If you have questions about using these fonts on your website, contact University Web Communication Services.

Need the Vitesse and Gotham font packages to install on your computer? Attend a brand design workshop, then submit the font license agreement through the brand support form.

examples of vitesse font weights

examples of gotham font weights